Social Enterprises

Enhance Care operates several social enterprise ventures, profits of which go towards funding community activities and programs which are not funded by government or any other source.  Our social enterprise ventures aim to provide an opportunity for employment for a wide range of disadvantaged job seekers including those with a disability and older people seeking to reenter the workforce.

Kai Café & Restaurant

Kai Café and Restaurant and Kai Katering were purchased by Enhance Care Inc on 9 April 2017, and are operated as a social enterprise with all profits being used to allow Enhance Care to provide a range of community services.

As a community organisation that receives no direct government funding, Enhance Care Inc operate social enterprises to provide employment opportunities and value for money services that benefit the Community, while utilising any profits made from our social enterprises to support our community work.

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Enhance Events:

Enhance Care can provide you with an event management service from set up and pull down services to full event management on the day.

We also have a wedding and event management service that will assist you with a range of different options to ensure your big day goes off well.  Please contact our office on 5432 3374 to enquire about our event management service.

Caboolture Hall Mian Conference Room setup

Enhance Catering

Enhance Care can provide a range of catering services to meet your needs.  We can provide platters for meetings, training seminars or get togethers including funeral teas.  Contact our office on 5432 3374 for further information.

Enhance Catering Enhance Catering

Seniors Connect

As part of our community support program, Enhance Care is developing a website aimed at seniors which will contain a wide range of useful contacts as well as provision to allow seniors to communicate easily with each other by internet chat and group forums. The purpose of this is to reduce the feeling of isolation in the community which can be an issue among seniors who are not as mobile as they once were. We believe this is the reason why many people in that age group are taking up Facebook, which offers similar features, but can be difficult for seniors to easily make friends or create their own groups with similar hobbies.

Any person or organisation who is interested in supporting our efforts is welcome to help us, so that we can understand how older people could benefit from using this website. We developed this project recently, and with your help, this project could quickly gain the interest of those who older people in the local community around the Moreton Bay Region.

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Pics and Flicks Logo

Pics and Flicks

Enhance Care operate a photo transfer and dvd duplication service from our office located at Suite 2, 77 King Street, Caboolture.

Our Pics and Flicks service is able to transfer your favourite photos to DVD or CD so that you can save them for the future or print out photos to give friends and relatives without having to use your original photos or negatives.  We are able to enhance your old photos and slides or negatives while transferring them to a variety of media such as USB stick, DVD or CD.  We aim to keep our charges as low as possible for these services.

We can also transfer your old VHS videos to DVD for you so that you can still watch them while retaining the original copy.  We can only provide this service if you own the VHS video and cannot reproduce hire videos etc.  We can also duplicate you DVDs so that you can retain the original in pristine condition and use a duplicate to watch, however you must own the original DVD that you bring to us so that you do not breach copyright laws.

Our Pics and Flicks staff are also able to produce slideshow and powerpoint presentations that include photos and text or just photos.  This are ideal for special occasions and we can even add your own music to the background should you wish.

For information and charges please contact the Enhance Care office on 5432 3374 and we will only too happy to discuss your needs with you and provide a quote for our services.

A website for this service will soon be available at