Friends of Dementia

Friends of Dementia

There are over 400000 people suffering from dementia in Australia and this number is increasing every day. Dementia is also the second highest cause of death amongst females.

Not all people suffering from dementia live in nursing homes or other facilities; many are cared for at home by relatives, friends and Carers both formal and informal.

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Dementia can cause patients to become isolated and less likely to engage in social activities that we in the general community take for granted. Not only do patients become isolated but also their family, friends and Carers. Our Friends of Dementia project is available to residents of the Moreton Bay City Council area.

Friends of Dementia’s main aim is to develop a range of socialisation opportunities for family, friends and Carers that are held in an informal and welcoming environment. These events may also include those suffering from dementia as it also provides an opportunity for the person to experience social activities in a welcoming and non-judgmental environment.

Events will usually take the form of meeting for coffee, musical events and a range of activities identified by those people who join Friends of Dementia. Membership if free and we also have a Facebook page where we post useful information and will post information regarding our activities. Please feel free to join our page.

This project is guided by people who wish to participate and is designed to be informal and a way of providing support for each other in a very safe and welcoming environment. There is an opportunity share lived experiences of caring for a person with dementia as well as inviting guest speakers or experts to come along from time to time to share information or advice.

You are welcome to contact us by telephone on (07) 5432 3374 or by email to